Troubleshooting a failed VMware Tools installation in a Guest Operating System

 Try to reinstall the VMware, if you have errors, create new account with administrator privileges
#Uninstall services
sc delete "VMUSBArbService"
sc delete "VMwareHostd"
sc delete VMAuthdService

Clear the data with the program CCleaner or Bleachbit

#Check the list of services

- Install VMware
#Set all services to manual mode (disable autorun)
sc config VMAuthdService start= demand
sc config VMnetDHCP start= demand
sc config "VMWare NAT Service" start= demand
sc config vmount2 start= demand

#Run VMWare & services
sc start VMAuthdService
sc start VMnetDHCP
sc start "VMWare NAT Service"
sc start vmount2
"C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation\vmware.exe"

#Stop All
sc stop VMAuthdService
sc stop VMnetDHCP
sc stop "VMWare NAT Service"
sc stop vmount2